Our History

Our History



The company MAPE was founded in the 1950s by Jon de Madariaga y Aguirre. Right from the start it became one of the most important companies in Spain in the field of workplace protection and stood out for the professional aspect of its services and its extensive range of products. To overcome the tricky period early in the 1990s it underwent a deep transformation carried out by Imanol de Madariaga y Torre, who from that very moment onwards committed himself to a system of quality management based on continuous improvement and aimed at offering its customers a better and better service.

From the 1990s onwards

94-2.000 Introduction of a strategic plan based on Total Quality Management – Continuous Improvement.
2.000 Certification of our quality system in accordance with the UNE EN ISO 9002:1994 standard.
2.000 Start of the introduction of the 5S quality system.
2.001 Modernization of our computing equipment as well as the acquisition of a new system of business management adapted to the new information technologies.
2.002 MAPE moved into its new premises designed with our policy of total quality management in mind.
2.003 We began to work on our project to manufacture products of our own brand in Asia.
2.006 MAPE celebrated its 50th anniversary, which was marked in a variety of ways:
Start of the travelling Exhibition on “50 years, a tour of workplace protection”;
Gala dinner for its customers to express appreciation for their loyalty; and the
Holding of the “1st Award to Excellence in Workplace Protection”.
2.007 MAPE extended its premises to an additional block.
2.007 Marketing of MAPE's own brands, BIKBO and QWORK, the result of the manufacturing project in Asia.

Current Situation and Plan of Action

Thanks to more than 50 years of know-how and our business commitment which is specified in what is called its “Action Plan”, MAPE SEGURIDAD has become a reference and a leading company on a national level for small, medium and large Companies.

Action Plan:

  • Quality: The only company holding the ISO standard in Consultancy and Distribution of Workplace Protection Equipment. Introduction of the 5S. Total Quality Management. Continuous improvement.
  • Management: Total traceability of orders, information on orders on line, and stock optimization.
  • Product Development: Broad range of articles. Constant quest for new products, including new generation ones.
  • Qualified Personnel: Contracting of specialised personnel and ongoing training of our own personnel.

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