Única empresa certificada en asesoramiento y distribución de equipos de protección y vestuario laboral

Dispensing machines and EPI’s management systems

Management systems

Integral management systems of work protection equipment through virtual stores and / or vending machines.

From MAPE Seguridad Laboral, we automate the stores of EPI’s so that our clients save money and are more efficient.

  • Optimization of purchasing management and prevention.
  • Legal security in PRL.
  • Accident reduction.
  • Reduction of staff / inventory costs.
  • Reduction of investment consumption / costs in EPI’s.

We analyze the situation of each plant / client, not only regarding the equipment consumptions but also to the distribution, stock management, supply, organization, responsibilities of PRL and others, to define the most effective management system (optimization of the long term investment) for each case.

All these benefits or improvements are achieved by grouping different technologies.

  • Web: Access to all the features of the system at all times, being able to make decisions about the products and who uses them.
  • Identification of people, movements and products.
  • Maintenance with parametrization and total control of all products.
  • Customized permits depending on the worker and their needs.
  • Complete alert system to inform those responsible for incidents, emergencies, needs …
  • “On-line” connectivity with CCOS with immediate access to complete and updated information.
  • Complete reporting system available for the needs to be managed.
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