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Customized EPIs

Customized EPIs

Each company is special, each job requires an individualized evaluation and each person is unique. The protection and work clothes must adapt to the position to the person and to the company. For this reason we have a wide variety of products from the main and most prestigious brands in the market.

In MAPE Seguridad Laboral we always advise and propose specific solutions for each client and in the case that the wide variety of range that exists between the EPI and standard clothing in our manufacturers / brands, is not enough, we can design customized products.

In this sense we work offering different lines of customized solutions:

Customized and certified Safety Shoes

With the technological medical support we offer you certified safety shoes and adapted to the disease of each user. Based on the parameters obtained from the digital scanning of each foot, we create a customized anatomical correction template, which is indicated for:

  • Correction of the morpho-static alterations of the foot: FLAT FOOT, CAVUS FOOT, VALGUS FOOT, ADUCT FOOT
  • Treatment and / or relief of painful pathologies: TALAGIAS, METATARSALGIAS, PLANTAR FASCIITIS, SESAMOIDITIS
  • Compensation and redistribution of plantar pressures to favor walking

The process consists of 6 steps:

  1. Digitalization of the 3D geometry of the foot.
  2. The measurements of a set of related digital trees are obtained, consistently between the foot and the shoe tree.
  3. Comparison of the measurements of the feet to the shoe trees to obtain the best fit.
  4. Order management and manufacture of customized safety shoes.
  5. Three-dimensional template and its manufacture according to orthopedic prescriptions.
  6. Resulting from a customized safety shoes to your orthopedic needs.

Customized work clothing

MAPE Seguridad Laboral offers the possibility to customize all the clothes and products you want, helping your company to acquire an excellent corporate image.

We know that nowadays the image plays a very important role in any business, for this reason we advise you so that by means of a very careful customization of clothing and products you can give a competent and current image.

Our main ally and collaborator is VELILLA, with more than 65 years of experience in the working clothes sector, it is a leader in sales with more than 5 million clothing per year.

Custom plugs

Manufactured in hypoallergenic silicone: Material that protects against bumps and prevents dirt from depositing on the plug. Certified according to the European standard EN 352-2.

  • Great comfort: Made tailored to the user’s ear canal through a fully customized process.
  • Innovation and design: Three different simple attenuations to regulate by means of a valve. In this way it does not prevent the communication between the workers and avoids the sensation of occlusion. In addition the ventilation system that incorporates avoids the annoying buzzing.
  • Maximum Security: Stamps the hearing pavilion, preventing the entry of solid and liquid particles. Its flexibility reduces the risk of impact injury.
  • Durability, resistance and hygiene: Long service life, reusable and washable with soap and water

Graduated glasses

Accidents in the eye area account for more than 10% of all those produced in the body.

With the help of our collaborating and specialized opticians we can offer a wide range of treatments, materials and frames to graduate safety glasses.

Advantages of the use of graduated safety glasses:

  1. Greater protection: The eye protectors worn on regular graduated glasses do not eliminate the risks of impact. Therefore, graduated safety glasses that not only provide protection but also contribute to increase the effectiveness of each worker are essential.
  2. Greater comfort: Workers with vision defects should only use a pair of glasses.
  3. Greater productivity: The worker uses protective glasses with the appropriate visual correction, which allows to see more clearly and accurately without removing the protectors. This way he does not neglect his protection at any time.

Procedure to follow in graduated glasses

Laser Glasses

The human eye is very sensitive to laser radiation and can be damaged directly or reflects the rays. Laser protective glasses are designed to reduce the amount of incident light of specific wavelength to protection levels, while transmitting enough light for a good vision.

It is important to use laser eye protective equipment designed specifically for the characteristic of your laser.

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