Única empresa certificada en asesoramiento y distribución de equipos de protección y vestuario laboral

Consulting, counselling and training

Consulting, counselling and training

The purpose of this action is to optimize the investment in equipment, starting from the security needs and taking into account the budget of each client, and the ergonomics of the equipment to favor the use of the equipment and the productivity and welfare of the workers.

Initial work

Audit needs and selection of epis and training of each center

This work is done in greater depth at the beginning to know the starting situation, but it is a continuous task.

  • Analysis of each job and selection of protective equipment.
  • Analysis of training needs for both equipment use and maintenance, as well as technical or legislation.
  • Identification of the most critical equipment of each plant. Those that in case of breakage of stock, could affect the main activity of the company.
  • Homologation of substitute products of critical equipment, (advanced work in case of crisis due to breakage of stock / manufacturing problems or delivery time).

Work in commercial visit

The external commercial responsible for each client will periodically visit it and whenever the client requires it to satisfy any need and to continue working on the proposed plan of improvement actions, as far as protection is concerned.

Agenda or aspects to be dealt with during a business visit

Question solving, presentation of offers, samples, and pending offers.
Tracking modified epis and epis search for unsatisfied positions
  • Monitoring of tests that are being carried out.
  • Plan and prepare satisfaction surveys.
  • Analysis of the surveys.
  • Improvement proposals.
Introducing new products / services in the market that may be interesting for the customer
  • Monitoring / updating of training needs for both equipment use and maintenance, as well as technical or legislation.
  • Follow-up to the training agenda.
  • Training action.
  • Others
Equipment consumptions analysis
  • Monitor the evolution of consumption of equipment in general with consumption statistics, by product, months, amounts, etc. Comparison with other exercises, centers, etc.
  • Analyze in depth the most relevant products in terms of investment / expense and propose alternatives of equal or greater benefits and lower investment / global cost.
  • Establish / monitor target indicators or ratios.
  • Satisfaction survey of the teams in test and the priority ones.
  • Monitoring on tests that are being done
Analyze the service level
  • Analyze service statistics. (Expected / real service days, % of orders on time, both of all products served, as per families, and even of each product …)
  • Analyze non-conformities.
  • Suggestions for improvement
Meetings with business committe, unions, etc ... of a center (if necessary)
  • Analyze needs
  • Preparation of meetings
Accident analysis (if necessary)

In the event of an accident, analyze causes and propose and implement improvement actions


Each client has an external commercial assigned and an internal one that will attend both technical and logistical queries. In addition, other customer service partners may attend the queries if the assigned commercial is not available.

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