Única empresa certificada en asesoramiento y distribución de equipos de protección y vestuario laboral

About us

About Us

Mape Seguridad Laboral, hereinafter MAPE, is a company with more than 60 years of experience specialized in counselling and distribution of protective equipment and work clothing. We are the pioneers and UNIQUE ACCREDITED COMPANY as SPECIALISTS IN WORK PROTECTION AND CLOTHING.

We differentiate ourselves from a mere distributor because few are able to give an “integral service” in terms of protection and work clothing. We work with a truly effective “teamwork methodology“, achieving lasting good results. We dedicate an enormous effort and means to the counselling and training of our clients, keeping intact the philosophy that had MAPE in its infancy and despite the loss in profitability that this entails for the company, but we continue to believe and this is corroborated by the fidelity ratios, which It is the only way to optimize the satisfaction of our customers.

Integral Service

We aim to optimize the investment in protective equipment and work clothing of our customers, including the time allocated to their management.

Counselling, consulting and training-information (legislation, use and maintenance of equipment, new products / services) as added value. Through the visit of the commercial technician and in collaboration with the customer service and technical department of MAPE and with our manufacturers / suppliers.

Analysis – evaluation by position and selection of the optimal equipment, starting from the security needs and taking into account the budget of the client and the ergonomics of the equipment to favor the use of the equipment and the productivity and welfare of the workers.

Complete technical documentation of products (certifications, homologations, technical specifications ….)


  • Organization of seminars and conferences in the training room of MAPE SEGURIDAD S.A.
  • Personalized Training in the client’s own facilities.


  • Blog and newsletter about the world of work protection with the aim of informing about news, updates, products, practical advices and applications of e.p.i.s

Special and customized services;

  • Review of equipment; measuring-detectors, height equipment, autonomous, motorized and air equipment (3M service partner),
  • Custom epis; shoes, plugs, graduated glasses, clothing customization, etc.
  • Signaling.
  • Installation and maintenance of lifelines
  • Implementation of comprehensive management systems for protective equipment and work clothing, either through vending machines and / or virtual stores.

Team work methodology

We have a staff of 6 senior technicians in occupational risk prevention to help and collaborate with those responsible for the prevention of our clients, but the most important thing is that all people in contact with clients have advanced training in equipment and work clothing and the training is continuous.

We maintain a close collaboration and we work as a team with both our customers and with our suppliers.

We capture the needs of our customers and we propose improvement actions contributing our knowledge and experience and that of our suppliers or manufacturers.

Only certified company in counselling and distribution.


The main reason for this achievement is the “methodology of teamwork and integral service of MAPE SEGURIDAD LABORAL” that applies and offers to its clients, where the counseling and training services stand out, that can only be offered through a template with a very high degree in training, both legislative, technical and of product.

  • Personalized internal technical / commercial assignment (customer service) in addition to the external salesperson / technician to be attended at all times.
  • Presentation of new innovative products / services.
  • Resolution of technical queries.
  • Joint visits with supplier / manufacturer in customer to meet needs, solve problems, presentation of news and training of products.
  • Analysis and counselling on accidents, and meetings with company committees or union representatives, if necessary.


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