Introducing our magazine “Epis Hoy”

The magazine ''EPIs HOY" came about to act as a bridge of communication between the industry and distribution of workplace protection equipment, on the one hand, and professionals involved in workplace hazard prevention and safety, on the other; it aims to inform our readers about new developments,  features and prototypes which are continually being produced in this field.

epis hoyRight now, workplace hazard prevention is about constantly updating knowledge and evidence within an ongoing training process that needs to have available information on the latest technological advances and applications of equipment and materials for workplace safety that are produced in each of the various sectors of production activity.

"EPIs HOY" is a magazine of a practical, operational nature, and its content deals with the precise information necessary for the correct use, in each case, of the PPE most suited to the specific nature of the job in question, and the characteristics of the activity.
The magazine is produced every four months and the distribution area is, above all, the North of Spain, although it is also sent out to MAPE customers throughout the rest of the Iberian Peninsula.

"EPIs HOY" would like to invite the industry and professionals in Workplace Safety to collaborate towards establishing a common synergy of collaboration between the needs and adaptations of workplace protection equipment demanded and required by people responsible for workplace hazard prevention in companies, and the prototypes projected by the industry at each moment. With this collaboration we are taking an important step forward: to put workplace safety technology and equipment at the service of optimum use by the hazard prevention professional in the interests of cutting workplace accident rates.

From this open platform of "EPIs HOY" we should like to express our gratitude for the way we have been received and the contributions that have been made, as this has enabled us to design this project that brims with hope and a sense of purpose.


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